I update will be reflected in this place, the questions that I received from everyone.

How and when did you able to Actors Studio network?
Actors Studio that Kudo MitsuruTaro representative has started in Sapporo in 1996 was able to spread the studio to all over the country, but its founding philosophy went lost business and many investors have entered as a result . Then in 2009, it became the thing to make the country a studio that can foster high performance at a low price further a basic policy of equality and fairness, freedom listed original founder and entrepreneur again anew. Also in having you to cooperate production of many record companies agree, headquarters schools of 150 square meters in the heart of Sapporo, Aomori Hamada school, Akita broad surface schools, Koriyama school, Kani school in 2010 currently in the philosophy , Fukuchiyama school, ESP Pop Studio (Tokyo), Fuji school, Kuwana schools, Kokuraminami schools, Ogura school is a school.
Are you related to the Okinawa Actors School?
Does not matter. However are you full partnership with Vision Factory Namie Amuro, MAX, SPEED, and DA PAMP of Okinawa Actors School graduate is a member only our network. In addition, it is independent of Actors Studio that our representative has made in the past. The Actors Studio is a nationwide network of the largest is our's and administrative system there are actors of three school, studio, network and In short.
Do you have teamed up like and how production is also? Either has produced what talent in the past?
Representative has produced to the entertainment world the studio production of more than 100 people so far. I have been active (Vuijon Factory), Chiba Ryohei (Vuijon Factory), etc., television, stage, movies Miura Haruma (Amuse), Yaotome light (Johnny), Nishijima Takahiro (Avex), Ogata Ryuichi. It is not an exaggeration to say that are you affiliated with most of the major production of current.
The Do I have to aim for? Professional Is there a test to become a studio production?
Are there any interviews to have you know the system of the studio, but you can be asked to inducting anyone basically. Luck as well as ability also it is required to become a professional. You must be polished the human power that you can hike to the people around. You will be teaching civility greetings and everyday, as well as adherence to time in order that. Probability to become a professional is not high in my system both unfortunately. However, only the chance to none other. I can receive all the public audition equally. Even if you do not become a professional example, even if it goes by the sense lessons as a hobby, you do not need to ashamed of anything. After that it was able to have the things that Uchikomeru hard more than anything, I believe that it's polish the important human power on what it is to live.
Do you have that each studio or to interact, to live as a whole?
Studio students in the network studio studio other than that which he belongs, you can take lessons for free as one of the big features. You must also adjust the convenience of receiving the other party studios and visit and hope date and time to report to the person in charge in advance, but, for example, that ... receive free lessons headquarters schools in passing that came to Hokkaido school trip I can. We are also regularly conducted a public audition in a video recorded in every month last lesson day. Each evaluation is sent to all schools headquarters, they will be sentenced to challenge. It is possible to obtain the rights to the appearance and stage and live by audition by the jury to be dispatched from Tokyo or headquarters on a regular basis and the video.
Can I talk to what kind it is to the person in charge of the studio?
And I think that you trouble, problems in receiving the lessons and are receiving empathically. However, there are cases where expert advice of headquarters staff and school representatives will be required with respect to matters in the record industry and the entertainment world. And do not hesitate if such ...
Email / info@actorsstudio.jp
Please contact the TEL / 011-207-1850.
Is there a system that will be free and scholarship system?
There is no special system such as scholarship students studio so everyone thinking, of equality. It is a system to listen well in school and other studios, but other students I only have the burden that much after all. However, if you entered into an agreement with observed in production that has partnered, remuneration or the equivalent tuition from alliance production, will be able to receive the training costs the student.
Do not work on entertainer If it is not beautiful?
Fashion model is required height. Pitch and volume of voice, actor acting ability, speed of rotation of the head, based also in areas where something ... you voice of rainbow aims voice actor is comedy, but the vocalist is not people of the entertainment world is all handsome beauty I'm not. I think I'm that rather than cultivate good grades in all subjects as school work, to polish a niche in something one way and he fold out naturally confident if attached.
Studio love ban are you?
Is prohibited. Studio is not a place for looking lover. Please with the permission of the person responsible for each studio as long as you insist.
Are there any that you get fired from a studio?
There is no suspension or expulsion because it is not a school, but if the act of minors disturbing the public morals Dari brought tobacco and alcohol were found, sorry if it is not observed improvement in consultation, including the guardian I will consider it as Taiko disposal while.
Entertainment industry or just scary?
In the sense of people specializing various fields that are involved many, they are not at work simple and easy indeed. However, it is the world that people loved to be around can go up in the end as well as company and school. People who disliked will disappear Manager, staff, sponsors, even if there is a fan ... no matter how ability. It is also possible to fulfill the dream in the effort soon because there is no relationship between gender and educational background, nationality. But I think that I would like to know the fact that it is a handful of whole it really.
Please tell us the profile of the staff of the school headquarters.
Kudo MitsuruTaro representative made a studio independently from the advertising agency. Personal connections seems wider in the entertainment world because there is a career about thirty years now. Takashi Ishikawa of managing director is the person who is in Zuutto together with middle school and workplace representative, high school, and college. Yoshida, net of the education division because working the same up to the present 40 years from 18 years, there seems to be confidence in perseverance and the patience everyone. There are many staff also attractive to other.
Do you long to take the ratio of men and women?
I think because it has produced a lot of male artists and actors until now, male ratio is slightly higher when compared to others, so the guy 2: Will a woman about 8.
The average age?
Is 14,2 years old. It is a characteristic width and up to 5 years of age? 30-year-old's that wide under.
Plans to make the studio opened, Do you have area?
I hope it is not only in Japan but when you get a chance, and you want to opened in various places.